Product Line: Accessories, PPE

Passenger Guards

Protect passengers from sneezes, coughs, droplets and other airborne person-to-person threats and germs.

Freedman Seating has always led the way for passenger safety. Our seats and safety equipment are tested to meet or exceed motor safety standards. And now as we look to protect passengers from new threats, we’re proud to add another layer of protection. Freedman’s Passenger Protective Equipment (PPE) products are designed to help prevent the spread of germs.

Currently only available for Freedman Feather Weight Mid-High, 3PT Mid-HighGO-ES, and most Foldaway seats.


Standard Features

  • Made from soft, clear vinyl
    • Replaceable
    • Easy to clean
    • UV and Mildew resistant
  • Flexible material does not present a laceration hazard or hard impact surface
  • Includes a high visibility “DO NOT TOUCH” sticker
  • Easy to replace, yet not removable by riders
  • Does not inhibit the use of most grab handles and the 202A Headrest


  • Available on Freedman Feather Weight Mid-High, 3PT Mid-High, GO-ES, and most Foldaway seats
  • Extra hardware available to purchase
  • Add grab rails

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