Product Update – FMS Bellagio 3PT Foldaway with New SpaceSaver Design

Our design team has modified the popular Bellagio 3PT Foldaway to be even more space conscious.

The Bellagio 3PT SpaceSaver Foldaway is designed to sit closer to the wall, adding aisle space when the seat is both deployed and stowed. See chart below.

Dimension SpaceSaver Advantage
Stowed aisle space ADA Clear Floor + 1 1/4”
Stowed aisle space 1/4” above floor + 2 1/16”
Deployed aisle space + 1 3/16”

The redesigned SpaceSaver Foldaway requires no new testing and uses the same BV floor plate and AM2 wall/floor plate for easy installation.

What does this mean to our customers?

  • This is a rolling change. All orders for the Bellagio 3PT Foldaway scheduled to ship mid-July or after will default to the new SpaceSaver design.
  • We will work directly with customers to fulfill existing orders/contracts.
  • Replacement parts and covers for the original Bellagio 3PT Foldaway (non-SpaceSaver) will continue to be available.

New features include a carpet wall-side trim for maximum durability. The Bellagio 3PT SpaceSaver Foldaway includes all other features and options that were available with the previous model.

Learn more about the redesigned Bellagio SpaceSaver Foldaway on our website:

Please contact your regional Freedman sales rep or customer service at (773) 524-2440 for questions about these changes.

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