Freedman Seating Introduces New Line of RV and Camper Van Products

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Freedman Seating Introduces New Line of RV and Camper Van Products
Captain’s chairs, passenger foldaway seating, and accessories for commercial and recreational vehicles.

Chicago, IL – Freedman Seating Company, a leading manufacturer of transportation seating for over 125 years, is reigniting a historical presence in the recreational vehicle market. A fresh line of seating and recreational solutions is now available for OEMs, dealers, upfitters and DYIers.

RV Captain’s Chairs
Freedman reintroduces an industry classic, the Hi-Rider, along with the Venture. Both are 24” heavy duty driver seats with customizable design and functionality options.

Foldaway Passenger Seats
Freedman foldaway seats easily fold up against the vehicle wall, making way for additional storage or ADA passengers. Three foldaway seats feature 3-point seat belts, a variety of upholstery and popular options, including: CRS Hooks to accommodate child seats, headrests, armrests, USB outlets, and more. Featured on the newly launched are the 3PT Foldaway, Bellagio Foldaway, and the newly redesigned GO-ES Foldaway. This is the slimmest, lightest, and most customizable foldaway on the market with an upgraded SpaceSaver design providing more aisle space when the seat is in both stowed and deployed positions.

Foldaway Table
The newest product on every Van Lifer’s wish list. This table easily attaches to the GO-ES Foldaway when the seat is in a stowed position, serving as a standing desk or dinette. Weight tested at 50 lbs. and engineered for heavy duty use, it’s more than just a coffee cup holder.

SplitFlip Passenger Seat
Freedman SplitFlip seats provide optional versatility for any bus or van configuration. The flip-up feature can accommodate varying combinations for added aisle space, strollers, shopping carts and much more. Single flip-down motion returns seat to standard passenger seating position.

From modest beginnings in 1894, with a one sewing machine upholstery shop, Freedman Seating forged through most of the 20th century specializing in delivery truck seating. When recreational travel with RVs and vans boomed in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Freedman was fully equipped to design, manufacture, and quality test a variety of products, including captain’s chairs and bucket seats, sofa beds and lounges, passenger seats, dinettes and other popular furniture.

Today, Freedman Seating is engineering, manufacturing, and testing products for buses, trains, boats, delivery trucks, RVs and camper vans from facilities in Chicago, IL and Rochester, IN (Freedman Mobility Seating). For more information, product and upholstery catalogues, visit and


Contact: John-Paul Paonessa, Marketing Manager
Phone: 773-524-2440

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