Transit USA Tour Completes 35,000-Mile Road Trip

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December 4, 2017

John-Paul Paonessa
Marketing Manager
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Transit USA Tour Completes 35,000-Mile Road Trip
Freedman Seating Company featured the newest in transit-style seating for the small to mid-size bus market.

Chicago, IL – Freedman Seating Company recently completed a 10-month tour of the United States promoting the latest in transit-style seating for the small and mid-size bus markets. Combining product and safety education with promotional opportunities, the Transit USA Tour followed the company’s 2016 Rock N Rose tour, which featured executive and luxury-style seating products in similar fashion.

The #TransitUSA tour, featuring Freedman seats and other products made in America, kicked off on January 30th making its way to bus dealers, operators, manufacturers and trade shows spanning 40 states. Freedman Seating sales managers drove just over 35,000 miles in a 2017 Ford Transit 350. The transit van was fitted with a rotation of 8-10 passenger/driver seats and SmartFloor™ technology, a patented floor system available exclusively from TransitWorks that allows easy and quick moving of seats and wheelchair positions nearly anywhere within the van.

“Safety was our priority with this tour,” said Dave Rose, Regional Sales Manager. “We wanted people to know that Freedman Seating is serious about keeping passengers safe with 3-point belts and other restraint options,” he added.

In addition to visiting more than sixty dealers, operators, OEMs and government agencies, the tour made stops at several industry events, including SWTA Freedom Through Transit Annual Conference, CalACT Spring Conference & EXPO, APTA Bus & Paratransit Conference, NAPT Annual Summit, APTA EXPO, and more.

“Dealers, OEMs and operators were especially hospitable to us and showed a genuine interest in our presentation. Safety is important to all of our customers, no matter the application, ” said Rose.

Safety is important to all of our customers, no matter the application.

Featured 3-point seats included the GO-ES, Esquire, and Caregiver. Other products and options by Freedman Seating on display included the Firenze seat by FMS Seating, G2ELP Driver Seat by USSCPriority Seating vinylUnder Seat Retractor kits, and Power Outlets.

Additional products and support was made possible by these trusted vendors: USSC Group, Transit Works, SmartFloorAltro Floors, CMI Enterprises, Camira Fabrics, and Morbern.

Updates, product information, and a real-time map of tour locations was made available throughout the campaign at


Freedman Seating Company

Freedman Seating is a seat manufacturer in Chicago, IL; designing, engineering, and manufacturing seat related products for many different markets, including small bus, mid-size coach, heavy-duty transit, rail, marine, delivery truck, and para-transit. Freedman Seating is a ISO 9001 registered company with an on-site A2LA Accredited Mechanical Testing Lab.

FMS Seating
FMS is a seat manufacturer in Rochester, IN; specializing in executive-style, luxury seating products for the small, mid-size, and limo bus markets.

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