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Luxury Meets Safety At BusCon Expo 2015

Sep 9

At BusCon, attendees not only see more buses in all shapes and sizes than any other venue, but also the latest vehicles from manufacturers, officials from various associations, companies and their latest technologies. It’s the largest bus show in North America. Get a chance to see the latest equipment and products on the market. Talk to officials directly to learn how it works, discuss with peers to see how vehicles and technologies are working.

Who should attend BusCon?
Anyone who is involved with buses including public transit and paratransit, owners and operators of private companies that provides charter, tour, corporate, car rental, high-end, intercity, senior or casino transportation, or plan and/or coordinate university transit, BusCon is where you need to be.

Why attend BusCon?
Whether you are looking to purchase a vehicle or technology that will help increase vehicle or operational efficiencies, looking to enrich your career through education, or just getting out to network with your peers who are also doing what they can to help their operations thrive in today’s economy, BusCon will give you the tools you need to professionally refresh and revitalize the way you tackle your business.

What will I learn at BusCon?
BusCon is all about technology.  You’ll learn about the latest in alternative fuels and other green technologies; telematics; buses, motorcoaches, vans, shuttles and other vehicles; safety; accessible transportation; regulatory issues; training and more.



FMS and Freedman Seating at BusCon Expo

Along with a family of passenger and driver seats by Freedman Seating, FMS Seating will re-introduce the Bellagio and Trieste executive seats with 3-point shoulder belts, combining safety and luxury at this year's BusCon Expo.

New Eleganza Collection Voted Best In Show at BusCon 2014

Bellagio 3PT
Experience the utmost in luxury, comfort, and style with the Bellagio seat by FMS. Now with integrated 3PT shoulder belts!

Designed to fit the needs of the executive shuttle market, the Bellagio is available with both rigid and reclining backs, in a variety of seat widths and insert panel styles. Deep bolsters hug you into the seat, providing the ultimate in passenger comfort. Let all customers experience the look and feel of first class with the Bellagio.

Trieste 3PT
Luxury, comfort and style with the versatile Trieste seat.

The Trieste seat is available with several different insert styles and upholstery materials, allowing you to customize the look that best fits your needs. First in its class, the Trieste 3PT features adjustable shoulder belts. This allows passengers to adjust their belt to meet height and body type, providing a comfortable and safe ride in your vehicle.

See both models along with the Napoli seat and more at BusCon Expo, September 28-30.

Complete list of featured products at Booth 327

  • Bellagio 3PT
  • Trieste 3PT
  • Napoli
  • GO Seat*
  • GO-ES Seat*
  • Feather Weight Mid-Hi w/SplitFlip Option*
  • Esquire*
  • Torino GT**
  • Catalina Marine Seat*
  • Evolution G2ELP Driver Seat***


*Freedman Seating Company
**Freedman Seating + Amaya-Astron
***Freedman Seating + USSC Group

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