Freedman Mobility Seating


Will I need to retest Eleganza seats in my vehicle?

Eleganza seats utilize existing Freedman Seating Feather Weight and 3PT baseframes and legs.  If you have successfully tested Feather Weight / 3PT seating in your vehicle, Eleganza seats can be installed without any retesting needed.

How do I place orders or get questions answered regarding my orders?

Please continue to place orders as you have, through the customer service departments of each company.  Freedman Seating products, such as 3PT or Feather Weight, should continue to be ordered through your Freedman Seating customer service representative in Chicago.  Orders for Freedman Mobility (FMS) products, such as the 315, 325 or Eleganza, should be ordered through Freedman Mobility Seating in Leiters Ford, Indiana.  Jay Schooler will be your contact in Indiana, (574) 542-2001 ext 3204.

Can I order both product lines from one place?

We ask that you continue to order separately from each company.

Where will my order ship from?

Freedman Seating orders will continue to ship from Chicago, Illinois.  FMS Seating orders will ship from Freedman Mobility Seating in Leiters Ford, Indiana.